Dealing with grief and loss – Andrea Driver

As a parent we are often thrown knee-deep into a situation before we even know what has happened. I was in this exact situation a few weeks ago as we coped with losing our beautiful family dog. I am not an expert on grief or loss...


Growing resilient children for today. – Andrea Driver

Mental health in New Zealand is a topical issue —some may even say we have an epidemic of mental illness. Many New Zealand families are coping with multiple and complex everyday stress. Stress on families means stress on children. In today’s world all children face stress,...


Hip Hopping across Hawke’s Bay !

  There’s a group of children that every week, around 10:30 start to get excited about their Wednesday. Ok, every day has some excitement in it for young minds, but on Wednesdays, to be precise, the children are all under 5s, and they are about to start...