Parent Information

What to bring and what is provided?


All food and drink (excluding water) is to be provided by the parents. If your Educarer believes your child needs more food as their needs change, they will let you know. Should children eat or drink anything that is not provided by you (e.g. baking they have made with the Educarer) this will be recorded. This record is a Ministry of Education requirement. Bright Futures provides Educarers with high chairs where required.


Please make sure your child has a change of clothes and that their clothing is appropriate for play. On days where the children may be outdoors, please remember to pack a sun hat and sunscreen so they can be protected. Wet weather gear and gum boots are also a good idea for the winter months.


You must provide enough nappies, wipes, as well as a bag to place used nappies in. Cloth nappies will be rinsed but not washed. Disposable nappies must be disposed of by you unless otherwise agreed with your Educarer.


Nursery equipment and bedding is provided by Bright Futures. Your child will have their own cot or bed with their own individual set of bedding which is washed at least once a week and additionally when needed. If you would like to read a copy of our sleep policy, please ask your Educarer or call us on 0508 678 910. If your child uses a pacifier or special toy for sleeping remember to pack these too.


Hygiene is taken seriously and every effort is made to ensure good hygiene standards are upheld. If you would like to read a copy of our hygiene policy, please ask your Educarer or call us on 0508 678 910.

What happens if?

All Bright Futures Educarers hold a current First Aid Certificate.


No medication will be given without permission from you, the parent/caregiver, and the completion of the medication form. The medication form covers the name of the medication, dosage and the time it is to be administered. Any preventative medication e.g. Inhalers also require permission by you and a signed letter from your Doctor before the Educarer will administer the medication. Educarers will be given information and/or training when preventative medication is to be used.

Illness – Child

If your child is unwell then you need to let us know that they will not be going to the Educarer’s home. Ministry of Education regulations require us to exclude all children who are sick in order to protect the other children and the Educarer. If your child becomes unwell while in care, the Educarer or Visiting Teacher will contact you to arrange for them to be picked up.

Illness – Educarer

If your child’s Educarer is unwell, we will first make contact with you and then if required, we will arrange alternative care with another Bright Futures Educarer for your child that day. It is important you are contactable at all times within coverage.


Minor accidents like bumps and bruises are a part of children’s normal play. If an accident occurs and your child needs treatment e.g. cold compress, a plaster etc, your Educarer will administer this and record it on our accident form. This record will include what, when and how, the accident happened. If an accident does happen, your Educarer will provide you with the completed accident form for you to sign and the information will be passed to Bright Futures management.

If the accident is serious, your Educarer will seek medical attention for your child and inform you as soon as practical. We require your permission for this when you complete your child’s enrolment form. The action that is to be taken is outlined in our accident policy. If you would like to read a copy of our accident policy please call us on 0508 678 910.

Potty Training

Around the age of 2-3 years you may start thinking about potty training. Bright Futures Educarers will support you in which ever way you choose to embark on this process. If you would like some advice and guidance on this we are happy to offer that too.

Situation Guide

Below is our Bright Futures Situation Guide. If you would like a copy for your own records please click the download link.

Download the Bright Futures Situation Guide (297kb)


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