Educarers FAQs

Educarers Questions & Answers

Read on for answers to questions which Educarers have asked us in the past. If your question is not answered here or you would like to know more please contact us here or call us on 0508 678 910.

How much do educarers get paid?
Educarers with a Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood Education will receive $5.20 per hour, per child. Our rate for Educarers without Level 4 is $4.60 per hour, per child.  This means with 4 children in care (as per MOE regulations) you can potentially earn up to $20.80 per hour.

Bright Futures Educarers enjoy up to 11 paid ‘Bright Days’ ($50 per day) for public holidays when they would otherwise have children in their care. Conditions apply.

Who will pay me – the parents or Bright Futures?
Unlike some other in home based child care services, Bright Futures will pay you every fortnight, regardless of whether or not the parent has paid for the care. That way you will never be out of pocket and will not have to spend any time chasing payment.

How do I apply to be a Bright Futures Educarer?
Simply fill out our Educarer’s application form or call us on 0508 678 910. No application will be accepted until we have a meeting with you at your home to ensure it meets our safety requirements.

Am I going to be on my own all the time or will I have some support?
Each child is visited monthly. Every month you will receive a visit from a Visiting Teacher and in between times, they are truly only a phone call or a short drive away. We aim to make sure you have all the support you need. You will also enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Educarers and playgroups/outings are an excellent way to share knowledge and gain ideas for activities for home.

You say there is subsidised training – what do you mean by this?
We require all of our educarers to have a First Aid Certificate and encourage them all to have a qualification in Home-based childcare. If you do not have either then we are happy to pay for you to sit a comprehensive First Aid certificate. We have an agreement with Workforce Development and are delighted to offer Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood 50% subsidised. We can also make arrangement with you to pay off your 50% if the lump sum is difficult. By gaining a Level 4 qualification you are then eligible for the higher rate of pay.

You say Bright Futures offers learning as well as childcare – What do you mean by this?
It is important to a child’s development that they are not only being cared for but that they are learning and developing along the way. To help ensure this for our Bright Futures children, we require all of our educarers to follow the Te Whaariki curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education. We will provide you with everything you need to help you.

You say there is equipment, playgroups and outings but I do not want to be asking parents for money.
Bright Futures recognises that Educarers do not want to be out of pocket for encouraging their care children to make the most of all the fun things that we provide. For that reason Bright Futures provides equipment like car seats, cots, high chairs etc free of charge. Playgroups and outings are at no charge to the Educarer either – or the parents for that matter.

What happens if I am unwell?
If you are unwell you cannot, (according to Ministry and Education regulations) look after Bright Futures children. If you are unwell then you must let us know immediately so that we can arrange alternative care for the children.

“Bright Futures childcare and learning is a service of Napier Family Centre, an award winning not for profit social service agency. Any surpluses we make go right back in, to help provide a better service to our local communities.”