Your Child

What will my child do today?

Children learn through play. Bright Futures Educarers (supported by Visiting Teachers) work with families and whānau to provide rich learning and play experiences for all children…everyday.

This includes things like reading, art, craft, music, dance, sport, waterplay, baking, gardening, building, caring for animals and so much more.

In addition we provide outings:

  • Weekly play groups for Bright Futures Educarers and children
  • Regular music sessions
  • Organised excursions to places like playgrounds, animal farms and aquariums

All outings are organised and supervised by our Visiting Teachers, who carry out risk management procedures. Upon enrolling your child, we will seek permission to transport your child in your Educarer’s (or a Bright Futures) vehicle. When excursions are part of a large group, your Educarer will inform you and ask for your written permission.

What will my child learn?

Bright Futures curriculum works within the framework of Te Whāriki He Whāriki Mātaurangamō ngā Mokopuna o Aotearoa – the New Zealand early childhood curriculum.

Our Visiting Teachers visit your child in the Educarer’s home at least once a month. They will complete a formal record of your child’s progress and their interests. At this time, the Visiting Teachers guide and support the Educarer, making links to the principles and goals of Te Whāriki and upholding the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Learning observations will be used to show assessment, planning and evaluation that demonstrate an understanding of children’s learning, their interests, whānau and life contexts.

As well as these formal observations, your Educarer will keep a profile of exciting happenings, language development, their drawings, photographs and more which you can look at each day and record your own aspirations for your child. We encourage you to take the time to talk to your Educarer when you drop off or pick up your child. Keeping your Educarer informed of things that are going on e.g. a late night or the excitement of an upcoming birthday will help your Educarer understand and provide for your child‘s well-being.

Educarers and our Visiting Teachers are happy to talk to you about your child’s progress or any concerns you may have at any time.


Transitioning your child into home based childcare is an important time for you, your child and the Educarer.

We encourage you to take as long as you need to settle your child. You may like to visit your Educarer’s home a number of times with your child, so they can become familiar with the environment and other children. Often a favourite toy or comforter helps the settling process. For your own reassurance, you are more than welcome to call the Educarer a short time after you have left your child. Should you need extra support then please ask your Educarer or the Visiting Teachers when transitioning your child.

“I love seeing the relationship between a child and their Educarer, it is one that is safe and trusting and when a child is away from their home this is the next best thing for them. They are in a place where they know they are loved, cared for and guided in every way. It is definitely the best of both worlds.” – Paloma, Bright Futures Visiting Teacher

“I am very happy for my son to be part of the Bright Futures programme in Flaxmere where he can make friends, and be in a place he can speak the Samoan language. My son is very happy where he is.” – Telesia, Parent

“Bright Futures childcare and learning is a service of Napier Family Centre, an award winning not for profit social service agency. Any surpluses we make go right back in, to help provide a better service to our local communities.”