Your Child and You

Bright Futures knows children are unique individuals who learn in their own way and at their own pace.

Our home based service provides nurturing, special places where children receive education and care that is calm, predictable and familiar, enabling them to feel a sense of belonging, safety and security.

In this section you will find information we have learnt parents like to know about us and home based care in general. If we can help with any query please contact us.

In Bright Futures Home Based care and learning your child will benefit from:

  • A relationship with a consistent Educarer who supports their emotional well-being
  • Opportunities to socialise with other children in a small group
  • Regular play groups, music groups and outings (at no extra cost) where your child can socialise in larger groups
  • A fun and stimulating environment
  • An environment which research shows is better for learning and thriving

We can assure you that:

  • You have the opportunity to personally meet and select an Educarer most appropriate for your child, family and whānau, with the flexibility to choose what hours and days the care is provided
  • Your Educarer will have been through a selection process and will either be trained, or have experience and be continually supported by a Visiting Teacher
  • We make the enrollment process and any other administration quick, easy and practical
  • We offer affordable care options and childcare subsidies are available, depending on your circumstances

“Bright Futures is family orientated and friendly, both the Visiting Teachers and my Educarer go the extra mile for me. It is lovely to see the bond my children have developed with their Educarer and it is one of the reasons Bright Futures is my first choice for childcare.” – Hope, Parent

“The passion and support shown to our families from the Educarers is very evident while the dedication to the children’s care and learning is outstanding.” – Cheryl, Bright Futures Manager

“Bright Futures childcare and learning is a service of Napier Family Centre, an award winning not for profit social service agency. Any surpluses we make go right back in, to help provide a better service to our local communities.”