In home care vs. ECE centre

We believe there are several advantages that home-based education has over ECE centres.

We know that good experiences in early learning help our children build a strong foundation for becoming lifelong, confident learners.

We are passionate believers in the benefits of secure attachment in the formative years where, if children feel safe, secure and loved they will be confident and ready to explore and learn.

The question of which is better, home-based or ECE centres is not a one size fits all. At Bright Futures we encourage you to think about what’s important to YOU when it comes to your child’s early learning and care.

The home-based versus ECE centre based debate is not a case of one being better than the other, it’s just that some children will thrive in a busy environments, others do well when the pace is a bit slower. As with different adult personality types, some children enjoy large groups, others may find the intensity of large groups draining and some adapt well to different teachers while others like the consistency of one person they can bond closely with.

If you are considering home-based care for your child here are some of the main advantages it can have over ECE centres:

  • Activities like supermarket shopping, library visits, going to the post office or trips to the park can provide valuable learning experiences for children and a fresh change of scenery
  • Outings, playgroups, and excursions offer variety whilst the home-like environment offers stability
  • Your child’s own routine is maintained
  • Education is predictable, calm, familiar, in an environment that builds trust
  • Hours are more flexible
  • Smaller ratios of teacher to children – 1:4 maximum
  • A closer carer to child bond is likely
  • Often fewer cases of illnesses since the child is exposed to fewer children
  • Mixed age groups allowing for more sibling interaction

Tips for choosing the right caregiver for your child:

  • Trust your gut, you will know when the chemistry is right
  • Ask lots of questions, you don’t want to leave with any insecurities about the care for your child
  • Visit homebased Educarers and even centres, it will take time but will help you realise what you do/don’t like
  • Remember, its OK to change your mind.

Still have questions? Give one of our Visiting Teachers a call – we’re happy to talk through any questions you have. Contact us here.

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