Meet Rae

Hi, my name is Rae

Hi, my name is Rae, I am located in Napier South.

I am a Level 4 Qualified Educarer and I have been with Bright Futures since July 2005 but I have been an Educarer for 25 years caring for 72 children so far. I have two grown up children of my own and I love being with children; their happy laughter, their individual uniqueness, and their innocence and beauty, their willingness to learn and thrive.

I am big on letting children do for themselves, safety, respect for themselves and others and having FUN!!

My home is a home. I consider my home to be the children’s home while they are here.

It is a child friendly, comfortable and safe and fun place to be!

I provide an environment which provides children with the opportunity to become effective learners by allowing them to make their own decisions on what to learn by providing them time, space and support to explore and experiment.

I like to encourage spontaneous play and respect for each individual child in their play and activities.

We have regular outings to familiar and unfamiliar places, so the children gain an understanding of the world around them.

Rae Hackett