Meet Tania

Hi, my name is Tania

Hi, my name is Tania, I am located in Pirimai.

I am a Level 4 Qualified Educarer and I have been with Bright Futures since September 2007.

During that time I have cared for 25 children and I have one daughter of my own. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing joy and happiness brought to a child’s face from something they have discovered or learnt in my care. A good day in my role is happy, settled children enjoying each other’s company and their surroundings. I attend playgroups and hip hop, go to the library and on bus rides which allows children to enjoy the company of others and discover the world around them. Daily we enjoy a mixture of free and structured play, dancing, music, mat/story time.

I am big on manners, respect for each other, nice words, hygiene and safety along with a sense of belonging, independence fun and laughter. I get to know children’s likes and dislikes, personalities and interest and cater my care and teaching to the individual child. I also like to build a good trusting relationship with parents and families ensuring they feel comfortable discussing their child’s care with me and working together in the best interest of the child.